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Relax and unwind at home, in and around your beautiful pool from NSW’s leading name in swimming pools, Pool World.

A swimming pool is an amazing addition to your home. Have guests over for barbecues or cocktails. Spend quality time with family and friends. Relax after a long day or swim laps for a much needed exercise. A swimming pool elevates your home to a whole new level!

  • Expert and fast installation and maintenance by Pool World.
  • Comes in different colours and styles.
  • Convenient way of enjoying the benefits of pool exercises.
  • Adds fun to home life.
  • Elevates your home to a whole new level!

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Fibreglass Swimming Pools Sydney

Given that barbecues, pool parties and garden parties are some of the most popular ways to socialise with family and friends, swimming pools are a big part of the Aussie way of life. Whether you’re looking for a swimming pool that will allow you to entertain friends and family, keep fit and active, or simply relax and have fun after a busy day in the sun, the Pool World team is here to help.

Offering the Best in Sydney Fibreglass Pools

At Pool World, we don’t just sell pools. As a local company that’s dedicated to offering the very best service to our customers, we specialise in offering a fully bespoke service that provides quality results at affordable prices.

We work closely with each of our customers in order to understand their individual needs and preferences, and we come up with a pool solution that works for them and matches their specific requirements and budget. This approach is what enables us to offer our customers fiberglass pools in Sydney that ticks all of their boxes.

Our great range of pool options come in a huge variety of sizes and colours, and our team of experts will work with you to find the perfect match when it comes to selecting the right fiberglass swimming pools in Sydney for you.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we’ve built strong working relationships with many industry leading companies and suppliers, enabling us to offer our customers the very best materials and technologies available on the market, at extremely reasonable prices.

The Benefits of Choosing Fibreglass Pools

There are many benefits of choosing a fiberglass pool. These include;

  • Fast installation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Multiple choices available when it comes to size and style
  • Value for money
  • Durability
  • Has a non-abrasive finish that does not react with pool chemicals

The Benefits of Owning Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Sydney residents who are considering whether or not to invest in a swimming pool can be confident that the decision will be one they’ll never regret. Not only can well designed and professionally installed swimming pools serve very effectively as highly attractive features in a garden, they also significantly raise the value of the property.

But for most people, the most powerful benefits of choosing to invest in a swimming pool for their home have nothing to do with aesthetics or finances. More than anything, fiberglass swimming pools in Sydney serve to vastly improve everyday life and give individuals and families the opportunity to enjoy relaxing, keeping fit and spending time outdoors without even leaving the comfort and convenience of their homes.

For those who are keen on keeping active, fit and healthy, the fiberglass lap pools Sydney residents have available to them make for the perfect addition to the home – and we all know that swimming is one of the very best forms of exercise.

Bespoke Swimming Pools in Sydney

Fibreglass Pools are always extremely versatile additions to the home, but here at PoolWorld we enhance that versatility by offering an entirely bespoke service to our customers.

Of course, we can provide the simple designs and fiberglass lap pools Sydney homeowners so often want for their gardens.

But our plentiful experience in the industry has provided us with superior levels of expertise, and we can also work with our customers to provide tailored solutions to their more complicated requests.

In Sydney, fiberglass pools are a relatively common sight: but the kind of carefully crafted, bespoke designed that the PoolWorld team can provide will truly set your pool apart from the crowd.

Whether you’re after an unusual shape or a sophisticated pool feature of any kind, we’ll work with you to ensure you get the pool of your dreams at a price you’ll be delighted with.

Why Choose Pool World for Ongoing Maintenance of Fibreglass Pools

Sydney has plenty of professional pool cleaners and other experts in the industry, but many of our customers choose to take care of their pools themselves thanks to the detailed, expert advise we can offer regarding ongoing care and maintenance.

Simple things like knowing how to clean out the pump and skimmer, test the pH and maintain the water-level can all allow you to save money that would otherwise be spent on hiring a professional – and our friendly team are always happy to help you when it comes to learning how to do all of these things.

So customers who choose us for their fiberglass pools in Sydney receive more than just quality design and installation – they receive hugely beneficial information and guidance that will be saving them time, inconvenience and money for many years to come.

Have a question? Get in touch with us!

So whether you’re looking for fiberglass lap pools in Sydney to keep fit, or you just want a pool to splash around and have fun in, Pool World can narrow down the options of fiberglass swimming pools in Sydney to find the perfect one for you.

Pool World specialises in Fibreglass Pools Plunge Pools, In & Above Ground Pools in Sydney. We offer pool installation services to the residents of all major areas of Sydney including South West Sydney, West Sydney & many more locations. Contact a member of our team today for a free consultation, and find out more about how we can help you to design and construct fiberglass pools in Sydney that will last for years. You can reach us now on  02 8883 5937.

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7.00m L x 3.40m W x 1.20m-1.62m D

Lifestyle (Sloping Bottom)

10.45m L x 4.40m W x 1.11m-1.80m D
9.00m L x 4.40m W x 1.16m-1.76m D
8.00m L x 4.40m W x 1.20m-1.72m D
7.00m L x 4.40m W x 1.20m-1.62m D


10.40m L x 4.47m W x 0.98m-1.87m D
9.00m L x 4.47m W x 1.13m-1.87m D
7.80m L x 4.47m W x 1.11m-1.75m D
6.90m L x 3.60m W x 0.82m-1.52m D


20.00m L x 4.47m W x 0.98m-1.83m D
15.00m L x 4.47m W x 0.98m-1.83m D
13.00m L x 4.47m W x 0.98m-1.83m D

Lifestyle (Flat Bottom)

25.20m L x 4.00m W x 1.20m D
20.20m L x 4.00m W x 1.20m D
15.20m L x 4.00m W x 1.20m D
12.20m L x 4.00m W x 1.20m D
8.00m L x 4.00m W x 1.20m D


15.0m L x 4.48m W x 1.3m D
10.5m L x 4.48m W x 1.3m D


9.95m L x 4.26m W x 0.92m-1.74m D
8.20m L x 4.20m W x 1.20m-1.82m D


11.00m L x 4.47m W x 0.98m-1.87m D
9.00m L x 4.47m W x 0.98m-1.65m D


6.50m L x 3.70m W x 0.94m-1.60m D


10.00m L x 4.47m W x 1.13m-1.81m D


11.00m L x 4.30m W x 1.13m-1.68m D
9.16m L x 3.42m W x 0.90m-1.62m D


9.20m L x 4.20m W x 1.13m-1.88m D


7.50m L x 4.00m W x 1.09m-1.73m D

Long Reef

12.30m L x 4.30m W x 1.12m-1.83m D


6.0m L x 3.2m W x 1.30m-1.89m D
6.0m L x 2.5m W x 1.30m-1.89m D
6.0m L x 2.0m W x 1.30m-1.89m D
5.0m L x 2.5m W x 1.30m-1.78m D
4.0m L x 2.5m W x 1.30m-1.64m D


5.36m L x 1.9m W x 1.2m D


5.9m L x 3.0m W x 1.2m D


5.36m L x 2.3m W x 1.2m D


5.3m L x 2.8m W x 1.13m-1.44m D


6.5m L x 3.20m W x 1.2m D


5.9m L x 2.3m W x 1.2m D

Fibreglass Swimming Pool Pricing Request

Pool selection:

  • John was a great pleasure to deal with from start to finish of the project. He kept us informed, answered all of our questions and managed all of the formalities of building a pool, such as obtaining Council Certifications, water permits, drawing up plans etc.. our Pool installer / builder Peter was very thorough and had great attention to detail during the build and managed the installation process much quicker that we expected it all to happen. We are extremely happy with the end result and our new pool ! We highly recommend using Pool World to anyone else..
    Regards, Jenny Kelly
  • Dealing with john from Pool World was as good as it gets. From the initial consult we were very impressed with the knowledge john had about all our pool requirements which made some hard decisions very easy. John doesn't try to sell you anything you don't need and gives you piece of mind that you have made the right decision by using Pool World. When it came to installation Peter was very good at his trade and made it look easy. Peters after installation help with pool maintenance has saved us many dollars. We couldn't be happier with our pool and cant recommend john and his team highly enough.
    Regards, Leigh Hotchkiss


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