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Above Ground Fibreglass Pools Sydney

Demand is continuously rising across Australia for above ground swimming pools. You will likely have observed a vast increase yourself in the number of above ground pools popping up in your neighbourhood, especially in the number of above ground fiberglass swimming pools.

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They provide the ideal option for those who don’t want to quite commit to an in-ground pool but want something more durable and aesthetically pleasing than your typical above ground pool options.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of a fiberglass pool on your property? Allow us to explore why you too should be considering an above ground fiberglass pool.

The Benefits of Above Ground Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Long-lasting structure – A fiberglass above-ground pool is actually built semi in-ground, providing a more long-lasting structure than the standard on-ground pool, but is still considered a temporary structure and of course, can removed and shipped out if you need to. Fibreglass is a highly durable material, providing many more years of use versus traditional pool materials. There is no need for vinyl liners, which can be costly to continuously replace during the lifetime of the swimming pool and you don’t have to deal with rot or corrosion.

Cost-effective to run and easy to maintain – As well as removing the cost for liner replacements, fiberglass pools also enjoy reduced electricity costs and heating costs with the stone backfill retaining heat and negating the need for your filter to run all day every day. They also require lesser use of cleaning chemicals. The non-porous finish applied to fiberglass above ground pools can lead to time reduced on cleaning and maintenance by up to 90%.

How to get the most from your above ground swimming pool

Get expert help with pool planning and installation – The most prominent issue we have observed with above ground pools is down to poor planning and installation. Purchasing a pool and getting in hired labourers to dig and install it is likely going to run you into trouble. When it comes to installing an above ground swimming pool, all is not as simple as it may seem.

The Pool World experts are here to advise on the best location for your pool, with safety, environmental, ground conditions and many more considerations taken into effect. We can ensure the most effective and hassle free installation of your swimming pool so that you can simply get down to what you should be doing – lounging or lapping the pool!

Think safety first – It’s important to remember that all pools must be enclosed with an approved safety barrier which complies with your local regulations. It’s also a great idea to consider installing anti-slip surfacing, tiling and paving on the immediate area around the pool.

Only use approved cleaning products – One of the key advantages of installing a fiberglass pool is that there is significantly less cleaning and maintenance involved. That said, you need to follow the instructions set out by your pool supplier. Only use approved cleaning methods or products as some chemicals can actually serve to damage the fiberglass materials.

 Pool World also specialises for installation of Fibreglass Pools & Plunge Pools in Sydney. We offer In & Above Ground Pool installation & Plunge Pools services to the residents of Kellyville, North West Sydney & South West Sydney. Contact a member of our trusted team today for a free consultation. You can reach us on 02 8883 5937 and we look forward to hearing from you.

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7.00m L x 3.40m W x 1.20m-1.62m D

Lifestyle (Sloping Bottom)

10.45m L x 4.40m W x 1.11m-1.80m D
9.00m L x 4.40m W x 1.16m-1.76m D
8.00m L x 4.40m W x 1.20m-1.72m D
7.00m L x 4.40m W x 1.20m-1.62m D


10.40m L x 4.47m W x 0.98m-1.87m D
9.00m L x 4.47m W x 1.13m-1.87m D
7.80m L x 4.47m W x 1.11m-1.75m D
6.90m L x 3.60m W x 0.82m-1.52m D


20.00m L x 4.47m W x 0.98m-1.83m D
15.00m L x 4.47m W x 0.98m-1.83m D
13.00m L x 4.47m W x 0.98m-1.83m D

Lifestyle (Flat Bottom)

25.20m L x 4.00m W x 1.20m D
20.20m L x 4.00m W x 1.20m D
15.20m L x 4.00m W x 1.20m D
12.20m L x 4.00m W x 1.20m D
8.00m L x 4.00m W x 1.20m D


15.0m L x 4.48m W x 1.3m D
10.5m L x 4.48m W x 1.3m D


9.95m L x 4.26m W x 0.92m-1.74m D
8.20m L x 4.20m W x 1.20m-1.82m D


11.00m L x 4.47m W x 0.98m-1.87m D
9.00m L x 4.47m W x 0.98m-1.65m D


6.50m L x 3.70m W x 0.94m-1.60m D


10.00m L x 4.47m W x 1.13m-1.81m D


11.00m L x 4.30m W x 1.13m-1.68m D
9.16m L x 3.42m W x 0.90m-1.62m D


9.20m L x 4.20m W x 1.13m-1.88m D


7.50m L x 4.00m W x 1.09m-1.73m D

Long Reef

12.30m L x 4.30m W x 1.12m-1.83m D

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Pool selection:

  • John was a great pleasure to deal with from start to finish of the project. He kept us informed, answered all of our questions and managed all of the formalities of building a pool, such as obtaining Council Certifications, water permits, drawing up plans etc.. our Pool installer / builder Peter was very thorough and had great attention to detail during the build and managed the installation process much quicker that we expected it all to happen. We are extremely happy with the end result and our new pool ! We highly recommend using Pool World to anyone else..
    Regards, Jenny Kelly
  • Dealing with john from Pool World was as good as it gets. From the initial consult we were very impressed with the knowledge john had about all our pool requirements which made some hard decisions very easy. John doesn't try to sell you anything you don't need and gives you piece of mind that you have made the right decision by using Pool World. When it came to installation Peter was very good at his trade and made it look easy. Peters after installation help with pool maintenance has saved us many dollars. We couldn't be happier with our pool and cant recommend john and his team highly enough.
    Regards, Leigh Hotchkiss


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